Sunday, September 5, 2010


A place where I can keep up my design wall.

I used to hang it over our sliding doors in the kitchen and take it down, roll it up when I had finished sewing. Not anymore, A brilliant idea came to me at around 4am. You see, we have had a wooden door leaning against our passage wall for around 5 years. Why you may ask? Because we've been to lazy to get it hung as our laundry door.
The door is now holding up the design wall. Win win, door is finally out of the passage, no more stubbed toes and I get to have a permanent design wall. YAY!!!

My scrappy quilt as you go is coming along slowly, I am always amazed at how all of the totally different fabrics, prints & hues all seem to just look right in one of these quilts.
I now get to look at what is on my design wall from the kitchen where I spend most of my time, so much better than a blank wall.
Darren has finally conceded that our dining room, come sewing room is now in fact a sewing room, come dining room.


  1. don't you just love it when ideas seem to come to you out of the blue. Must be something about the subconscious at work!

  2. Really getting together! I had a bedroom come sewingroom... which is now a sewingroom with a bed in it! :-) This happens!

  3. Love that scrappy quilt! :D I'm having quilt wilt, a new name for withdrawal symptoms. ONce I have this house back to normal I will be starting another.

  4. Wow you have been on fire lately Sue! Love the QAYG I did a block for a bee a few months ago, it was so much fun, Ill probably end up doing my own eventually!

  5. See what happens when you leave things??!! They come in handy sometimes :0) Love the idea and the quilt xxx

  6. Sew, what a beautiful quilt in the making! I am purposing to *finally* start my first quilt this fall. I'm just waiting on things to settle down a bit... : )


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