Saturday, February 27, 2010


All of this came out of the top of my sewing desk. I'm not sure how I fitted it all in and there was no way it was going back like that.

So after some organising and dumping I bought some cheap pink containers to go in the drawers and spent the afternoon re-organising and re-discovering stuff I forgot I had.


  1. All pretty and neat!I am jealous lol! Look at cute little Heidi!!

    It was a coaster from Lisa;) I need to show it to her on flickr.

  2. Now THAT's what I need! No.. not pink little boxes... someone who can organise me! You do NOT want to look in my drawers.... lol!

    Looking great!!

  3. I have a desk just like that! I use it as a regular desk. Love it.

  4. love your old desk cabinet.... I was looking for a desk like that for WIllow when school started, one with a space to put a chair.
    Everything is so neat and organized, your little pink boxes fit in perfectly.

  5. lookin good Sue! It is amazing what a tidy up will do!


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