Saturday, December 19, 2009


A year of quilting

1. 15 March 2009, 2. 11January 2009, 3. Heritage Wallhanging, 4. 30 January 2009 , 5. scrappy log cabin, 6. zigzag quilt, 7. Memories Of Bright, 8. Lantern Bloom, 9. Hey Friends..., 10. Disappearing 9 Patch, 11. MODERN BABY BOY'S QUILT FINISHED, 12. Floral Bouquet for Sophie, 13. Top Finished for DQS7, 14. Vintage Beach/Garden Blanket, 15. batik stacked coin quilt finished, 16. snippets quilt top - finished, 17. Art Quilt No.1, 18. Art Quilt No.2, 19. CHILDREN'S BEACH/GARDEN QUILT, 20. Babushka Babies, 21. Flea Market large messenger bag, 22. phone/ipod holder, 23. Sophie's Banner , 24. Box Pouches, 25. re-purposed bags
A year of mixed media

1. present, 2. Sweet Little Birdie, 3. mixed media canvas board, 4. fabric book, 5. journal backgrounds 003, 6. CJ TAGS, 7. cj for Tammy, 8. cj for Pam, 9. cj for Manda, 10. cj for Gloria, 11. cj for Sue B, 12. Lisa Mitch's CJ, 13. Julie's CJ, 14. 52Q - week 1, 15. 52Q week 5, 16. vintage book cover, 17. art journal month 1 BB, 18. sneak peek, 19. Grampians album, 20. Salvage Your Selvages - Journal Cover, 21. g-inspired album, 22. P!NK ALBUM - pg 1, 23. Memory Trigger from Manda, 24. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS FEELING, 25. Mothers Day 2004, 26. love, 27. GRAMPIANS 2008, 28. like father like son, 29. Through My Window, 30. Bloom


  1. Wow you've been a busy girl Sue :) and I look forward to another year of your fabulous creations in 2010!!!!
    Aga xx

  2. As a relatively new blogger I'm happy to have your inspiring example. You make me punch my fist and say YES! 8^) Thanks for sharing your creativity, Sue. Bless you!

  3. All gorgeous works of art. I love the collages. You can really see how much you can accomplish in a year! Wonderful.

  4. Sue, it's all so inspiring..just lovely stuff!

    Have a lovely day,

  5. what a wonderful year of creating you have done Sue!!
    how wonderful and spectacular for you to look back on. I look forward to what you make next year and am really glad to have met you so I can see you make your way through your creating world.

  6. I just can't believe you have enough time to get all this done. Well done

  7. Love the collages of your art. It's all fab, but the mixed media stuff has me swooning!


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