Friday, November 13, 2009


9 triangles down 171 to go!!!!

I'm just trying to show you that I have been working, and that I finally had the guts to cut into all of my Denyse Schmidt fabrics.
I have been doing other sewing but I can't show you, one quilt is a present and I am taking on a couple of commission quilts as well.

So I am here, just busy.
Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Wow, I love these triangles Sue, especially the fabrics you have used!!! You sound rather busy! I hope you have a fabulous weekend too xo

  2. how long does it take to make 7 triangles? Looks like a lot of work on one patch. I look forward to seeing all the work you do.
    can't wait, I hope they don't take too long.

  3. Woah! Cool Triangles! I've never seen blocks (well, half blocks) like that before! Sweet idea! Can't wait to see what they become!

  4. Love the triangles! looking forward to seeing what you do with them!

  5. Sue! Those are totally awesome!!! THAT is going to be one awesome quilt!! I might have to do something very similar at some point, do you mind?
    p.s. congrats on cutting into those fabrics! They're soooo pretty!

  6. Woo Hoo.....what FAB triangles!!!

  7. Yay for triangles! I've done one before and it is an all-time fave.

  8. I've never seen these before, they look great....I don't ever want to make a quilt, but could try and make some of these up and make them into a bag! Great job on them....are they all finished now??? Hugs Naomi

  9. I just cant get the wonderful wonky triangles you made out of my head!!! They are just brilliant!!! I have searched in vain for a pattern/tutorial so I could have a go at making some myself - it would help if I knew the name - wonky triangles doesnt come up with anything near..... Please, please PLEASE could you find the time to do a tutorial on them? I would be eternally grateful.
    Yours in complete and utter admiration (how do you find time to do ALL that you do? I am amazed and inspired)
    Thanks Mandy x
    P.S. I am a new blog 'lurker' having found Rowena of Rostichery's tutorial for an Infinity dress by accident - so I am not sure how I leave comments - but can I say a BIG THANK YOU to all you blogging ladies out there - I am going thru a difficult phase in my life with ill health and a nasty divorce and reading all your lovely blogs has many times saved my sanity and made me feel a whole lot better. Best wishes to you all for 2010 - may you have a great year!

  10. Can you direct me to a tutorial or a finished quilt?? These blocks are very cool!


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