Saturday, November 7, 2009


I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.
Let me tell you about my week, my sister, Taresa came to stay with us for 2 nights, she came down to celebrate her son Kyle's 13th birthday and they both stayed here. I just wish it was for longer that's all.

I started putting together my December Daily 2009 album. I have the fabric cover on and the pages made. I am going a little more uniform this year with all of the pages the same size and tabbed. Here's a peek......

I would have more done but I've been busy nursing injuries. Lachie did his ankle in again, poor kid, he can't stand sitting still.
and Dan played paintball all day for Kyle's birthday. He has bruises everywhere and has to play cricket all day tomorrow for the Kerr Shield that he got in to.

So my weekend will be gone before I know it and tomorrow I will be spending all day in the sunshine watching my boy get a little closer to his sporting goals, speaking of which, he bowled 2 for 0 and caught one this morning before paintball. Well done Dan, I'm so proud of you.


  1. ow ow ow.....
    Your sister looks so much like you. Nice for you to have caught up. I love photo you took of yourself, looking fabulous. hope you enjoyed the game today.
    Love your album cover too.

  2. Auch that looks so painful! Poor Lachie, i hope he feels better soon! How nice to have your sister over! I cant keep mine away lol!! She eats my cupboards empty! lol, but thats fine;)) I love all the quiltwork you are working on lately!

  3. My goodness that bruise looks so painful.
    Iadore your xmas placemats too!


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