Friday, October 23, 2009

1 OUT OF 9

I have finally finished the 1st art quilt in a set of 9. These 12"x12" quilts are stapled to a canvas for hanging.
This one looks a little lonely on my lounge room wall, so on to the next 8 I go.

The patterns and fabrics are by McKenna Ryan, her Faith, Hope, Love series.


  1. Oh, I really love that! I had seen the series but in faint green and not so effective as this in the brown. Wow, you are clever! LOVE it!!

  2. this is so beautiful Sue. I didn't understand that it was your quilt over on flickr. I thought it was a QUILT by McKenna Ryan. not just the material.
    great colours and lovely design.

  3. Well done you they look so nice cant wait to see them in person:)

  4. this is so cool Sue, I love it!

  5. WHOA!!! This is absolutely stunning. Luv what you are doing!


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