Saturday, September 26, 2009


I got to see Sophie dance today for the first time this year, there have been other viewings but I was always working.
She tries so hard at both ballet and tap and obviously loves them both. I was suprised however at the ages of the girls in her classes, she is definately one, if not the youngest, in them, there's even 9 year olds in her tap class. It's funny because she always looks so tall with friends her age and seeing her as the little one is not something I am used to.


  1. Oh how gorgeous is this photo, what a beautiful little balletrina

  2. beautiful photo

    i had to laugh when i saw the countdown for new moon i should have one because i have on in my head LOL

  3. How nice for you to have been able to see her dance. Tap as well as ballet? I would love to see kids tap.... She looks so sweet sitting there, waiting for her turn?

  4. Thats great you got to see her dance but sophie one of the smallest? Nah:) She looks so cute in her outfit, gosh shes looking more like daren everyday!


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