Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So, here's your chance to really tell me what you think. LOL.

I can go a few different ways with the squares in the following quilt but I would really like some opinions from you guys.

Here is my design so far.

next up, the squares filled with patterned fabrics.

then there is the smaller patterned square with a white border.

and last but not least, the white square.

I'm thinking with the white squares maybe some retro needleturn applique to go with the fabrics in the quilt.

So, come on, help me out here and leave me a comment what you think.


  1. This is beautiful, Sue - I adore the retro prints and just bought some myself to make a little bag for Em...her favorite is 'bubblegum pink' lol

    I like the plain white square - it think it will really sparkle surrounded by color and patterns. A little applique might work great in the center, too. :)

  2. I can see your problem as they all look great! I guess I would go with the small square with the white border or the solid white square. I love the way the white makes the rest of the quilt stand out. Good luck with your decision! ~Natalie

  3. I am the same as Natalie. I like the small square. I was wondering as I was looking around the fabric shop the other day..... how do you choose the design and colours for a quilt!!

  4. Gorgeous I like the small square in the white square

  5. me too, I like the white square with the smaller square inside :)

  6. Me too! small square in white square. I commented allready on flickr.

  7. Small square with white border.

  8. Are we a talented family or what?!!!! Loving the colours, I think it should be white squares with little applique and maybe a couple of nellie g buttons (hee hee) You will be so proud I bought my first jelly roll, cant wait until it arrives. XX

  9. What an innovative sashing! I am liking the quilt top very much. IMHO, I would add a solid to make things pop. A solid red would bring the red up or if you think there is enough red then another dark would also work.



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