Friday, July 10, 2009


Nothing to report on my new Janome 6600P turning up, nothing.
It seems that it is missing somewhere in freight-land and could be anywhere in Australia.
My wonderful husband who deals a lot in freight every day working for a truck business says it's more than likely sitting somewhere in Adelaide as most parcels that go missing from the east coast to here end up there. Just a leisurely 5 hours away!
So there goes my weekend of learning about my new baby and I could have been doing it kid free just to make matters worse.

So here's to Monday. Lets hope she's made her way down to me then.

Have a wonderful weekend


  1. How frustrating! Last year when I was expecting my Bernina 440QE to arrive it was a good thing it was late. Had it been delivered on time then it most likely would have been fried by the lightning that struck our house. Remember, there is a reason for everything! I hope you'll be sewing on that beauty soon.


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