Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I tell myself every day. Stop looking at all the gorgeous fabrics and talented people that create with them.
My telling off doesn't seem to working all that well and since my stash is rather depleated I have been indulging just a little.
Look what came for me today.
Yummy fabrics from The Sometimes Crafter and Giddy 4 Paisley

On to some very exciting news, my new baby arrives tomorrow!!!! I won't be sleeping tonight, I'll be too busy thinking about all the wonderful projects I will be making.

Well I got off the computer and spent the day cutting up small scraps into 4" x 1 1/2" pieces, hundreds of them!!!! Time to make some stacked coin quilts I think.


  1. Hi Sue, I followed the link on your comment on Rita's blog when I saw that you were about to take possession of a 6600p. I too have one of these fabulous machines and I just wanted to let you know about the Yahoo group for 6500/6600 owners because it has been such a valuable resource for me in getting the most out of my machine.
    I thoroughly recommend adding the additional AcuFeed feet, especially the 1/4 piecing foot with guide and the open-toe foot (way better than the stitch-in-the-ditch foot in my opinion, lol). I sold a Bernina 153QE to buy my Janome and have never regretted it - LOVE this machine. Have fun!

  2. I hear you on needing to get off of the computer. I have wasted an entire afternoon and evening on here! I could have been sewing! I should have been sewing! Family is gone so no dinner to cook or anyone to interrupt and here I sit. ARGH!!!!!

  3. I completely understand your problem. My husband says I am OBSESSED with Flickr, Blogs etc and he's probably correct! How are the Coin quilts going? I love making them, so satisfying!


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