Friday, June 26, 2009


I'd been trying to think up something to get my SIL for her birthday when it occured to me that she might like a set of stylish grocery/shopping bags. Anything has to look better than the good old green bags right?
I'm not sure how it works in other states or countries, but here supermarket style plastic bags are banned so you have to bring your own. I laugh at the people that complain as I have been taking my own fabric bags to the shops since I was a teenager, who knew I would be a trend-setter!!!!
I thought I would make her 6 of these bags, 3 with the white background and 3 with the red.

They are made from a heavy duty cotton and are slightly bigger than the "green bags". I may even make myself a set while I'm at it.

I've stroked the Laura Gunn fabric long enough and today I went into a cutting frenzy. The quilt top is finished and I will take photos tomorrow morning. It is so pretty.

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  1. Practical and stylish :) very cool gift idea!! and so much better than awful green ones we all have to use. I wish I could sew lol


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