Monday, June 8, 2009


I'm enjoying working on.
I have a small collection of cabinet cards from the late 1800's-early 1900's. I love to look at them and wonder who these people were and how they lived their lives. In the case of the one pictured here, I know her name is Margaret and she is 1 1/2, if only more information was written on the backs of these cards.
I've decided to make a fabric book with these cards in it, so here is page one.

While I was working, look what Sophie made, it reads "working art Sue Brown" ahhh she is gorgeous.


  1. That is a great way to show off these cards. I have quite a few from the family, I keep then in a wooden poker drawn box that belonged to my grandmother. I like your idea.

  2. great idea Sue.

  3. and look, Sophie is writing things on her own now! Cute picture of her, she looks quite pleased with herself.

  4. Looks like you made a good start on your fabric book! I love old photos too.

    And look at Sophie!! I think you need to include her writing in the book. ;)Isn't it nice to have a daughter to work beside you!

  5. the cards look great Sue :) also sorry I didn't get back to you earlier re Grey's but my computer has died and I'm using my nieces laptop :( I can still check my emials via webmail so please send me your addy and I will get the disk out to you as soon as I can make a copy.
    Aga xx


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