Saturday, June 13, 2009


What a miserable day we had today, it just reached 10 degrees and the wind was blowing straight from the artic I think.
What a great day to stay inside and play.
Every winter for some reason I decide that I need to knit, like I don't have enough to do! This year I am knitting socks, a bit harder than what I thought they would be, thank goodness I have "the knitting queen" for a mother in law. I don't knit, it bores me, but there's something about sitting around the fire, slippers and jammies on, knitting needles in hand that appeals to me once a year. So here is the start of my socks, this wool is so cool, it makes the pattern all by it's self, I think it's magical wool. Pretty isn't it?

I'm also making a quilt using a jelly roll my mum bought me for Xmas and bleached calico, hopefully it will be together tomorrow.

While I was attempting to knit and sew my quilt, two of my babies were kept very busy in the craft box, time for some replenishing of the craft box I think.

I hope you are fitting in some crafty goodness into your weekend.


  1. good luck with the socks. I hope they don't turn out like grinch socks!!
    I am sure they won't.
    looked like Sophie and Lachie had a good time. how wonderful you can all sit together in one area doing everything.

  2. Well done on venturing into the sock knitting world, you won't regret it!!! And you'll love them on your feet even more when you're finished, I really need to get some more made, my 2 pairs aren't enough, lol. Knitting has been my maina ctivity this weekend, tucked up with a quilt on the couch or in bed, it certainly was the weather for it!


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