Sunday, June 7, 2009


I'm still around, just thought I would let you know that.
I've been fighting the flu for 8 days and am finally starting to feel almost human. I've done an awful lot of lying around and not a heck of a lot of creating, but I will hopefully have something to show tomorrow.
Don't forget about the Sewn draw tomorrow afternoon, I can't believe I have had so many wonderful positive comments about my giveaway.
I watched Twilight again last night ahhhh, how can I ever get sick of Edward Cullen. But back in the real world, tomorrow holds a lot of housework from not achieving much in the last week, a bit of creating and finally some exercise now my chest is clear, look out punching bag!!!!
If you are having a long weekend with me tomorrow, enjoy.


  1. glad to hear that you're getting better. That was a rough one. hope you have a great Monday. I won't be able to join you on a day off Monday.

  2. hope you are all better Suejoy, some nasty ones going around

  3. hope you are feeling better Sue. I didn't even know you were sick! The flu sucks!


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