Sunday, May 17, 2009


Take some archive boxes, double sided tape and some of your favourite fabric, put it together and this is what you get.
I don't have a lot of room in our humble little home and storage is at a premium, my fabric stash is spreading, as are the books loaded in the bookcase. I decided it was time to put some order to our shelves and these boxes are going to do just that. I still have 6 more to make, but they're worth it, I bought my favourite fabric on a huge sale at only $2 per metre, how cool is that! and if I ever get sick of it, I can just rip it off and attach a different fabric.

Off to cover some more boxes.


  1. love the fabric, what are you keeping in them/ - your fabric stash?

  2. Very cool idea Sue - these boxes look great!! Also I have left you an award at my blog so I hope you'll stop by :)
    Aga xx

  3. I recognize that fabric!!!
    but you obviously have someplace to put the boxes. I hope. If it was my place they would just have to stand in the middle of the room....
    hope you had a great Sunday Sue.

  4. Sue, that is such a brilliant idea and I love the fabric!

  5. I'm the same as Lisa. if i just had some shelves...

    they're gorgeous Sue.

  6. You are just so clever with fabric Sue!

  7. Wow what a great idea Sue

    These would sell well at a market, one would think


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