Wednesday, May 20, 2009


My yummy basket of hand-dyed wool is just begging for me to start doing some needle felting again. It's been a while but the inspiration has struck and once the kids are in bed tonight, out will come my felting needle.

I bought these books on felting to get some new ideas, they are gorgeous and I am definately inspired.

I also bought these books on special (I couldn't help myself), I was looking at one of them for mother's day, but managed to get them as a pack of 2 for an amazing price. The quilts are stunning, very fresh and modern, I've already picked out 10 to do, I just don't know which one to start with.

A couple of you have commented on where I will be putting my boxes, well I'll show you, don't worry I didn't just cover them without a plan. These shelves are used as our bookshelf and I think they look right at home in them.

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  1. Hi Sue :) I have never tried needle felting but the images on the book look adorable so can't wait to see what you will create!! Also the boxes look very much at home on your shelf and imagine that they must be very handy too :)
    Have a great weekend. Aga xx


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