Friday, April 10, 2009


I finished something!!!!! Actually a couple of things. I sat at my machine all day today, I didn't do any housework, Darren looked after the kids and I just sewed.

Here are some felt Easter chicks I whipped up for Lachie and Sophie to go with their Easter goodies from the Easter bunny. I copied a free pattern from this blog Darren seems to think Lachie will use his for a footy, I think he's right.

I quilted for 7 hours today to get my latest quilt finished, I will show that tomorrow as I have just finished the binding and I am about to wash it.

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  1. LOL on the previous post, Sue - my head is like that ALL THE TIME...

    your chickies are too cute - luckily you would have made them well so they'll be able to withstand the punishment Lachie is about to dish out...

    happy Easter.


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