Friday, April 24, 2009


I haven't had a lot of spare time this week as kids are on school holidays and I have been busy spending time with them, boy we've been busy!!!

I have however been spending my evenings making more bags, here's some pics and if you are interested in one, they are $25AUD plus postage, just email me.

These photos were taken before I added the vintage button to them.
Large Messenger Style Bag With Ties

Small Messenger Style Bag With Ties

Large Messenger Style Bag Without Ties

Small Messenger Style Bag Without Ties (SOLD)

Large Shoulder Bag With Ties (SOLD)

Small Shoulder Bag With Ties


  1. Wow, haven't you been busy! Your bags are wonderful, and I know first hand! How long to make a bag? and I guess they go quicker once you've done a couple, or is that not the case?
    great job Sue, really great.

  2. I love your bags Sue...they are fabulous!


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