Sunday, March 8, 2009


Thank you for your comments on my last post about Daniel, all is well at the moment and hopefully we can keep the peace for a little while.

Here are some photo's of what the kids got up to this week......

Poor Heidi was very sick this week, she started throwing up on Wednesday night, but looked a little better Thursday morning. After I came home from work at lunch time, she looked really bad and I was worried she had eaten something bad so I raced her down to the vet. They checked her out and decided that she had gastro. She didn't even care when they put the thermometer up her butt or the injection she got to stop throwing up. She's been on antibiotics all week and is back to her mischievious self.

We all went out to the cricket club for tea for Daniel to receive his medal for playing in the future champions under 12's game last month. He's pretty proud of this medal.

Lachie started T-Ball and of course loves it. He's a real little sportsman this one.

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  1. oh, poor Heidi! you are so caring for her. good Sue.


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