Wednesday, March 4, 2009


After spending what seems like countless hours arguing with darling son number 1 over his attitude towards me, I decided that today was all about me. I dropped the kids at school and went straight to my caravan to create this album. I spent all day out there, I didn't worry about housework or darling son number 1 for hours and it felt great. Mind you, after picking up the kids from school it all started again and now I feel very sad and ashamed at yelling at him to try and snap him out of it and all I want to do is cry.
But, enough about me, here is the g-inspired album that gave so much pleasure to create today.

The back of the album.

The spine.

The signatures, there are 2 signatures either side with 16 page openings to a signature.


  1. That's some gorgeous handiwork!


  2. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    oh dear about DS - we're going through it at the moment and mines not even 6 yet! I'm sure that your children know how much you love them, Sue (and if they don't - i'm sure they haven't forgotten how good you are at karate ;p)

    hope tomorrow is better.

  3. wow this is stunning- I love it!!!

  4. Beautiful album Sue!! (I love birds) and as for the DS situation, try not to let it get you down. I'm at a similar place with my 12 yr old and can relate.

    Hoping you have a stress free weekened ;)
    Aga xx

  5. hello Sue,
    ah, tears from yelling. I get them too.

    I hope that you've dried them, cause you aren't yelling now. It's over, and there is no sense hanging onto the feeling.

    I think your album is gorgeous, you did a lovely job with it. what will you put in it?

    Take care of yourself Sue, talk to you soon I hope.

  6. Sue, I totally get where you are with yelling at your son. I have done this many times with my children and even now they are older, I still do it!

    On another note, I truly love your take on g's is gorgeous!

  7. every mother can relate. 100%.
    LOVE the album. It's GORGEOUS!


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