Saturday, March 14, 2009


While I was on Flickr the other night my friend Manda mentioned an incident that happened at her school that day. This triggered a horrible memory of a day when Lachie was 3. I journaled about this day when it happened but put it aside to do something with it at another time.

the journaling reads:

What happened this day was the most frightening, panic filled time I ever experienced with you.
To turn around at the end of a normal school day and not be able to find you sent a wave of anxiety through me. I quickly scanned the playground and looked up and down the classrooms, you weren't there.
I started asking parents if they had seen you while trying to keep the panic out of my voice. One parent casually said "is that your son playing in the carpark?" WHAT THE...... Did no-one think to grab you? Playing amongst cars at the end of school, what the hell were these ADULTS thinking?
I raced to the carpark blinded by tears and fear, I was screaming your name, people probably thought I was loony, I didn't care. I grabbed you and hugged you and cried and cried. How did I let this happen? What if someone backed out and didn't see you? In a school of 1500 students, that was one busy road and carpark. I was so angry at myself and the parents that watched you run in and out of the cars and did nothing.

This is a day I will never forget.


  1. that must have been so scary Sue. It is absolutely unbelievable that no other parent said or did anything about it...
    what is wrong with them??
    I like the page. It's wonderful.
    how is your weekend going? Hope you are enjoying it.

  2. You must have been so scared!I can so relate! Setara slipped by the teacher on her very first day of school,she thought she had to go home all alone! I was in the same state as you were,panicking inside but then felt so relieved when i came out of the school and saw her sitting on the back of a mothers bike. Thank god she had the brains to pick up that little girl from the busy intersection and take her back to school!
    I got so very angry with the teacher the next morning,she still treats me overly friendly lol!

  3. Good to know i'm normal. Little boys are so good at disappearing in the blink of an eye and you do wonder, don't you? Why would an adult (any adult) watch a small child wander along by themselves? Setara did it too? Poor Monique.


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