Friday, March 13, 2009


I was reading Ngaire's blog and having a laugh at the men from her youth and thought I'd share a few of the heart-throbs from my teens.
Here goes nothing, feel free to point and laugh. I'm sure there are many more but it's getting late and my brain just won't work tonight and I do have Twilight to finish reading....

ahhh Andre Agassi or affectionately known by me as Drey, Drey.

The orginal Battlestar Galactica, Apollo and Starbuck. I watched that show religiously for 2 very good reasons.....

George, George, George how was I to know you were gay?
I had my room plastered with George pictures even on the ceiling, sigh...

mmmmmm and still mmmmmm, Chachi aka Scott Baio

Be still my beating heart. The one, the only David Cassidy.

In my mid-teens and my heavy metal stage which for those who don't know me very well led me to be the adoring groupie and then girlfriend of my now darling husband, I had a crush on soooo many big haired guys in bands just like this one. Whitesnakes, David Coverdale. Old enough to be my father, but ohhhh so gorgeous.
I will leave you with a bit of David, sigh....

Whitesnake Still Of The Night Family via


  1. wow... thanks for the trip down memory lane... oh david first "crush" :)

  2. i can;t laugh mine would look about the same. we have one in common George

  3. Did you find your AB quilt, Sue?

    LOL about the men in your past. don't we all have memories of these? mind you - for me, it was Val Kilmer...

  4. I was a Starbuck and ________ fan. I can't believe I don't remember his name.......
    I liked the dark haired one.
    and Leif Garret....

  5. Too funny Sue :) and yep.... George Michael was on my list too!
    Aga xx

  6. LOL! This had me giggling! Love all the boys!


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