Saturday, February 7, 2009


Lu over at Blue Bazaar has put together a crop bootcamp that anyone can join in on. It's a fantastic way to use up all of those supplies that just seem to sit around not doing much. The bootcamp consists of two online chat'n'crop sessions a week, with the the aim of producing 25 layouts when finished.

This isn't as scary as it seems as all the layouts have a sketch and a theme to follow if you wish. The sketches are by Becky Fleck from Page Maps fame.

Crop Bootcamp layout #1

Simple and quick that is the aim and this just might help me reduce my piles of photos and supplies.
Did I mention that there are incentives for finishing some of the layouts? Go and check it out here


  1. love the paper tearing. Beautiful layout!! I hope you are well.Happy weekend :-)

  2. I love your take on the sketch, its fabulous Sue.

  3. sounds like a great project Sue. I hope you get lots of your supplies. I will keep a watch and get the sketches from you here ...... lo


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