Friday, December 19, 2008


As much as I try not to let Christmas get in the way of my craft, it really has. I am spending heaps of time with the kids now they are on holidays which is fantastic. I love school holidays, I know, you're probably saying "what the...." but I really do, I look forward to them.
Anyway, I've been a bad bad blogger and just realised that I haven't blogged in a week, I am itching to get out into my caravan and create and have something to show you all. Maybe tonight, we'll see how the day pans out.

Until then have a lovely, hopefully relaxing lead up to the big day.



  1. Yes Sue I have been waiting a week to catch up on what you have been doing, but after seeing that photo of Heidi it was worth the wait. She is so cute.
    Have a good Chrissy.
    Love Donna.

  2. How is Heidi going in her new home? Is she a happy little girl? Has the novelty worn off yet for the kids? I wish I had a caravan..... I am going to have to think of something. hmmmmm my own little place. What heaven that would be. lol
    I hope to see something you made

  3. Every time i see that picture of Heidi, i'm tempted to jump in the car, drive down to your place (enjoying the airconditioning and my own choice of music), kidnap Heidi and then drive home. But i might stay for a cuppa or something a wee bit stronger before i head off...

  4. every time i come here this picture of Heidi makes me smile,
    Please let me know if Manda visits you..... I think a physical struggle might ensue and then the drive down would have been in vain. Though Sue, if you ply her with enough drinks, it'll be over with one little tap of your finger.


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