Friday, October 10, 2008


I can't believe it's been a whole year since I started this blog, the last year has certainly been an amazing creative journey for me and I've met some wonderful, truly talented people through the blogging world.

Thank you to all the people that come back time after time and to those that leave comments, I send out bigs hugs to you :)

I'm also very close to my 100th post. So from now until I reach my 100th (which should be in the next two weeks), if you leave me a comment, I will get my kids to pick one and I will be sending that person a box full of crafty goodies. In the box there will be new stuff, vintage stuff, just heaps of yummy crafty fun.

Unfortunately I will have to limit this prize to Australian addresses only, as I am certainly not rich and postage is a real killer out here. But even if you are not from Australia, please feel free to leave me some love so I can check out your blogs or websites.



  1. Hi Sue
    Well done on a year of blogging.

  2. Hi Sue,
    Just had to come in and say Happy Blogday!!
    Well done on the 1 year and way to go on the almost 100!!

  3. Oh good. I almost thought that I would have to stop commenting here because I didn't want you to send stuff all the way to Japan! lol happy one year Sue.

  4. Hiya Sue
    Well done girl! I know how busy you are. Hope those bruises going away!

    BTW if my name gets drawn out, redraw it, it really don't need any stuff atm. :)


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