Friday, September 26, 2008


I know that I only have a couple of days left to finish my calandar swap, but today is such a beautiful spring day that I thought sewing Sophie some skirts was in order instead.

I found the easiest pattern ever and it is available for free download at oliver and s lazy days skirt
Sophie picked out the fabric and the skirts took about 1/2 hour each to make and cost around $4.00 each.

She now wants one for every day of the week, I really need to get this calendar deadline finished then I'll think about making more.

Go over and have a look, this pattern is incredible, I don't sew clothes and didn't have a problem following the instructions. Your precious little girl will love you for it.



  1. They're darling! So glad you like the pattern, and thanks for the comment. I love seeing the finished skirt, and yours are so cute.

  2. Thanks for the headsup on the pattern, Sue - i will be brave and look at it!

    have a great weekend.

  3. The skirts are so lovely! I need to get me a sewingmachine and start learning how to use it!


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