Tuesday, September 23, 2008


More calendar pages to share (I was one busy girl today).
Theme: "One Word"
I painted the background then added torn papers and alpha stamps everywhere.

Theme: "Relics of the Past"
Torn collaged background, photo printed on card and handwritten on.

Theme: "Words"
I collaged the background with different papers, added the clock stamp and made a "skin" from the image of the dancing couple (love how this turned out, thanks Manda) I then printed the words of one of my favourite songs by Lifehouse onto a transparency and attached it by sewing.

Theme: "Zodiac"
Another collaged background, lovin' these ATM. Another "mod podged skin" for the circle and a transparency image for the centre.

On another note, Daniel had a grading on Sunday, he is now a yellow belt, I am so proud of him. I was supposed to be in this grading also but hurt my back a few weeks ago and had to pull out.


  1. Congrats Daniel on the yellow. Shame your back is still buggered, Sue.

    Love your calendar pages - you are churning through those - you must be nearly finished? My fave is the zodiac one.

  2. Congratulations Daniel!
    Your calendar pages are great Sue. the Oct. colors are so pretty. Zodiac one looks almost 3D. How many do you have left?


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