Sunday, September 14, 2008


It was my birthday yesterday and a couple of friends wanted to see what I received as presents.

The mini iron will be used for smoothing out beeswax on my projects, I have wanted one for a while now. I finally have Grease on DVD (my video is well past it's used by date) and it even came with it's very cute little Rydell High knitted jacket. I had been eyeing off these shoes for weeks, they are so cute. Chocolates, YUMMY!!! The little fluffy toys were from the kids. They went and picked out a present each for me, Daniel gave me the frog, Lachie the dog and Sophie the bear.
I really shouldn't have gotten any presents as only 3 weeks ago I got a new stand for my boxing bag and that was pretty pricey.
Anyway I had a lovely day with my beautiful family and then last night got to play with a workshop I am taking ATM, more on that later.
Have a great rest of the weekend,


  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday Sue. You got some nice pressies.
    Love Donna.

  2. Nice haul, Sue - you deserve every bit!

  3. Never heard a mini iron before. Will have to google it. looks like you got some great presents! I hope you continue to have a beautiful birth month.


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