Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I've been involved in a calendar swap this year through Blue Bazaar and of course have left it to the last minute to finish off the pages.
Here are some of them, I only have 7 left to do and ATC's for all of them and a cover all by the end of the month, EASY!!!!
Theme: "Critters".
I had a vintage children's book just waiting to be torn apart, I also added scrunched up papers, glimmermist and a bird stamp.

Theme: "Favourite Australian Place".
I made a torn collaged background with antiquing medium over the top to blend. The photo is sanded and alpha stamps stamped on.

Theme: "Favourite Holiday Destination".
Same method as above.

Theme: "Mythical Creatures".
Torn handmade paper was used for the background. The picture is a packing tape transfer. I then made a velvet embellishment by stamping with paint then heat setting it onto the velvet.

Theme: "Altered Postcards".
I Painted the background with a stencil, stamps and rub-ons were then added. I have painted on the postcard to alter it and added rub-ons.


  1. Busy, busy Sue! When do you sleep? I envy the girls in the calendar swap - they will love 'your'months i am sure!

  2. wow! so much done and so much to do and you seem to have no problem with it all! She must be another of those overachievers hey Manda! great work Sue.

  3. These are beautiful, Sue!! What a great idea for a challenge! My mom has lots of old calendars that are lovely!


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