Sunday, July 27, 2008


Well I can safely say I did not get my scrapbooking mojo back today.

But on the bright side, I quilted a quilt (just binding to go, then I'll share), and finished off a stitchery, so all in all I had a productive day.

This puppy was made by Sophie last week, she did probably 90% of it including the blanket stitch. At 4 years old I think she's just a little bit clever. The puppy came in a kit from Spotlight and it was certainly a challenge trying to line up all the holes!

Sophie also made this little book out of card, wool and tissue paper during the week. Once again she did all of the stitching, clever thing.

You can see she managed to take one of my ATC's and glued it in. Lucky it was a spare from a swap.

Here's the stitchery, there are 6 of them stitched onto linen, all different that I think will become part of a quilt.

Last but not least, some fabric I purchased recently, it's so yummy. I'm designing a pattern for it and can't wait to start.


  1. Well - lucky you showed us some of your creating too - i was about to think Sophie had out-stitched you! Very neat work, Sophie - well done.

    Sue - your little birdhouse is gorgeous, i think a quilt with these would be wonderful.

  2. actually, now that i've looked again - your little birdhouse wouldnt look out of place with your new fabrics. very pretty.

  3. Isn't Sophie So clever! - must take after her mum!

  4. WOW! i am so impressed with Sophie's stitching. amazing.

  5. Sophie made that cute puppet? Bravo! Clever little girl!

  6. Hi Sue, totally different question here. I have some old clothes of Willow's that I would love to make into a quilt. (I have been thinking about it for a long time but you have inspired me.) What size would you suggest I cut squares? Is any kind of material okay to mix? Any advice you have would be very appreciated.


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