Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Well it's been a busy week, not a very crafty week unfortunately, but busy anyway.
The new challenge is up for the Aussie Dares challenge, head on over here and see what everyone has come up with. I was asked to be a guest designer for this month's challenge which is "words, words, words". I had heaps of fun with this one, so thank you Rebecca for asking me.
I really hope to do something to do with scrapbooking this week, well we will see how we go!

Here's a look at what I came up with for the challenge.


  1. hi there back to ya Sue!! Love what you did for Aussie Dares this month. Love the journalling over the photo. Great stuff.

  2. LOVE what you did for the dares site Sue! i didn't even make the connection it was yours! duh!!

  3. Whoa! Very cool stuff and huge congrats on guesting!

  4. Beautiful work Sue, and big congrats on the Ausse Dares.....well done!!

    It would be a shame if u didn't get the Flaspoint add-on. I have some of the pics spare (the two women pics) if it doesn't turn up you are welcome to them. Let me know



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