Thursday, February 28, 2008


This weekend I am doing a two day workshop with Gloria Loughman. She creates the most amazing landscape art quilts. I have her book Luminous Landscapes and it is a must for those interested in fabric painting and putting together an art quilt.

I will be learning fabric painting techniques, free machine detailing and heaps more. I cannot wait, we don't get a lot of opportunities here in Mt Gambier for world renowned artists to come and conduct workshops.

Another reason why this will be such an amazing weekend is my beautiful Mum is doing it with me. She has been creating for as long as I can remember and she makes the most gorgeous quilts, I love her colour sense, so free.

I will share my creation after this weekend. Hope you have something super exciting to do also.


  1. Oh, I cannot wait to see what you and your Mother make! I'm totally jealous right now!

  2. i am so envious! i wish i had a class to go to or even to teach!!!

    can't wait to see what you made Sue.

    hope it was a perfect weekend.


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