Friday, March 11, 2016

Francis Market

A couple of weeks ago I attended my first market with my new product range.  It's been 3 summers since my last market as family had to take priority but I've come to realise that me doing what I love is also a pretty big priority.  As our market season draws to a close here, I am squeezing in one more market Easter Saturday just over the border in Portland Victoria.  I am going to be sharing a stall with my cousin Janelle from Warrnambool and am really looking forward to it.

The market I've just done was great, I went with a friend who also had a stall to a tiny community in the middle of nowhere that swells from a few hundred residents to a few thousand for the Francis Folk Festival held every year.

It was a very busy market and I realised how much I missed chatting to people in real life about my products, the weather, whatever.

So all in all, a lovely day out, I can't wait for the next one, I had better get busy.

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