Friday, May 30, 2014


Meet Ruby, she makes me so happy.  I have wanted a dressmaker mannequin for years as for some reason I just can't seem to get the clothes that I make to fit properly, most tops end up boxy in the back or too tight in areas.  I have put mannequins on layby before but then cancelled due to needing the money elsewhere, also I've been annoyed at the quality of them in shops like Spotlight and Lincraft, all plastic and not so stable.  

Yesterday I came across Ruby on our local buy, swap and sell on fb, after asking a few questions I went around to see her and was immediately taken with her charm.

Darren had to do a minor alteration and Ruby now sports a piercing above her left breast but aside from that she is is good condition.

Ruby is made from plaster cast and metal, she is sturdy and has way more adjustments than the newer models, she is taking a while to adjust to my measurements but I am slowly getting there with a tape measure and some patience.

I can't wait to make up a pattern or two to fit her.

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