Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This year Easter fell in the middle of our school holidays and just before the holidays Dan asked if he could move out into the caravan (formally known as my studio).  This was a big ask as my studio was pretty full of arty supplies and other stuff we couldn't fit in our home.

Of course I agreed (how can I ever say no) as now Dan is 17 and looking to have his own space and to be able to come and go more freely as next week he gets his P's!  He passed his test and now just has to wait for his one year to be up on his L's.  Anyway back to the task at hand, shifting everything out of my studio took way longer than anticipated and of course now have to de-stash big time.  We managed to get Dan settled in there on Good Friday however, the huge mess in my sewing room is still very slowly being sorted.  I tackled our big laundry cupboard yesterday throwing out heaps of stuff to make room for the big containers of crafty stuff but there still is not the room to keep it all.

Yesterday I got ruthless and started posting stuff on fb, some has sold but there's still heaps to go.  I am selling most of my mixed media stuff and I can't believe I've only just bought more Dylusions and other stuff and it's all going.  I need to limit the crafts I do and I firmly believe the crafts I enjoy the most and do the most often are quilting, Project Life scrapbooking and crochet.

So how about a before and after of my studio?

Dan's new room

and of course this boy is pretty happy to finally have his own space too and my recliner from the studio.


  1. I'm having a big destash too and trying to focus on just a few crafts. Hope you get your new space set up soon.

  2. You are a good and generous Mum Sue. I know you weren't looking for that but you are.


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