Tuesday, March 4, 2014


While I may not be doing PL weekly, I have been keeping up with photos and journaling and have been doing bits and pieces when time allows.

...and a couple of finished pockets of pages I'm working on.

30 Days of Lists....
This project has held my interest for a couple of years, so far I've trawled pinterest and flickr for the prompts and written them down all ready to journal and that is as far as I've got.
This time round I actually paid for the list and it's made all the difference with community support and ideas.
Here is what I've done so far......

The journal I'm using is from Big W that I've had sitting waiting for the right project.

My title page.....

Day 1:  Ways to add magic to my life.....

Day 2:  How would I describe myself to a penpal.....

Day 3:  My ideal day....


  1. Love the sound of your perfect day :) But does it really include you cooking?!?! Great spreads - as always, seems like you guys have been busy!

  2. thanks Alanna and yes it does include cooking, strange I know LOL


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