Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Well hello.  I've been travelling the countryside once again with Lachie for cricket.  We had an amazing time up in Adelaide with Lachie playing a game over 2 Saturdays for U14's Glenelg Red team and with the week in between, he was captain for the Lower South East SAPSASA team.

Of course it wasn't all about cricket, we fitted in some shopping and some socialising with my friend Christine.  I also managed to squeeze in a day with Christine at the Craft & Quilt Fair but sadly am not allowed to show you the photos of the amazing quilts here online.

While I was away, Sophie had her school concert.  I was sad to miss it but she did give me a preview of her costume before I left.
LOL she is Cathy Freeman.  I laughed so hard when she told me who she was as she is so pale and blond.

While I'm talking about the kids, this boy makes my heart flutter with pride.  Dan has worked so hard over the last few years to work his way up to playing A grade cricket with West Gambier and he has been given the opportunity this season.  He is 16 and I think he is awesome but boy he looks small out there!

I will have some photos this week of some crocheted wash cloths I've been working on for a swap.  I can't wait to post them off and receive some yummy cloths in return.


  1. Good to see you Sue. Tell Dan I continue to look forward to seeing him at the Sydney Cricket Ground. I'll be there in person for his first game.

  2. Lovely to see you again Sue. Goodness those kids of yours are talented, must come from their Mum :)

  3. Loved catching up again.. it's never long enough...


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