Friday, July 12, 2013


The last week has been huge for 2 kids in the Brown household.  I have cried, pulled myself together, cried, pulled myself together, cried, well you get the picture.

Late last week Lachie received a letter, not just any letter, as soon as I saw it was from SACA  (South Australian Cricket Association) I knew it was good news.  I cried.  Lachie wasn't home from school and it nearly killed me not to open it then and there.

An hour later he got home and I had my camera ready.  Lachie has been invited into what I was calling the elitist group, more commonly known down in these parts as the Chappell Whitty Cricket Academy.  Getting selected into this academy is tough as proven with Dan who never made it.  His official acceptance is next Friday night, I'm one proud mummy!!!!!

Sophie competed this week in her first Eisteddfod.  On Tuesday she performed a Neo/Lyrical Solo and was up against kids that were 11 and 12 years of age.  She was breathtaking and I cried and cried.

On Wednesday she had her tap solo and a group jazz performance.  Tap was first and she was impressive, what was more impressive was that her music failed half way through and she just kept on tapping in time for the whole routine to no music!!!!  I can't believe she didn't stop, I know my heart did.  The judges were so impressed they awarded her first place.

The jazz troupe were wonderful and they received second placing for their performance.

What a week!!! Oh and add P!NK into the mix on Sunday night, I'm exhausted.


  1. What an amazing week! Huge congratulations to both Sophie and Lachlan! Absoutely amazing. And congratulations to you as well - you've raised amazing kids :)

  2. thanks Alanna, I'm pretty proud of them all.

  3. Congrats to Lachie and Sophie and all five of you! Lovely wonderful news, especially with Ashton Agar last night!


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