Wednesday, June 26, 2013

PROJECT LIFE - WEEK 15 - previously posted 01/06/2013

I actually finished this week a little while ago but was lazy and needed to re-print a photo and of course left it until now.

WEEK 15 - left page
WEEK 15 - right page

I love this photo Lachie's friend took on his ipod, no wonder he keeps coming home with bruises and cuts!

Sophie spends ages after a shower plaiting her hair like this, so cute.
Even though I am way behind in finishing layouts, I have kept up with journaling and photos.  I am going on a scrap retreat next weekend with a couple of Project Lifers and aim to be up to date by the end of my time there.
I met the lovely Christine (fellow Project Lifer) in Adelaide last week and will be seeing her again on retreat.  I am really looking forward to it, I've never been on one before.
Here are couple more digital Project Life pages I've been working on from 2004.

I shouldn't be too long and I'll be sending off another order to have these printed.


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