Friday, April 19, 2013


I woke up this morning intending on making myself a couple of new tops to wear, instead I pulled out a few quilt tops from the pile and made a start to finishing them.

With yet another sports trip to Adelaide next month I decided it was high time I got off my butt and finished some projects to fill up my shop (will let you know when it's up and running).

This was my lounge room today.

I wanted to share what I think is one the most awesome new quilting products on the market, Pinmoors.

These little silicone corks go right on the ends of your straight pins and I have to say are fabulous.  If you are a quilter that pins your work then you are going to love these little beauties they make the process so much easier, I ordered 100 just to see if I liked them and as soon as I can afford it I will be replacing all of my quilting pins with them.

Okay, I had better get back to it so my poor family can have some room to move.
Have a lovely weekend everyone :)

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