Thursday, December 20, 2012


I have been pondering a question lately.  What do I really want to do craft-wise in 2013?   Some decisions have been made and the rest I will make up as I go along.

Firstly, I will be continuing Project Life, I can't put into words how much I love documenting our everyday family life.  I haven't made one 12" x 12" page in all of 2012 because I truly believe that Project Life is the only way I will scrapbook from now on.

I will be taking a bloggy break and if I do come back, I'm not sure  I will share my Project Life pages anymore, there's something about them that is becoming to personal and I would rather only people I know in real life to see, besides I'm not so sure anyone is really interested in my way of scrapbooking out there.

My main focus will be on my quilting, oh how I have missed making quilts.  I have been so caught up in making smaller items for my market that I've only finished a handful of quilts this year.   I don't think I will be going back to the market but I will get my online shops up and running once again.

Mixed media work and art journaling are something else that I let go by the wayside this year.  I have quite a few online workshops that I've bought but haven't followed through and I want to spend lots of time learning new techniques and playing.  I miss playing!   In fact I have some amazing Dylusions inks and journal on my way to me right now ready to loose myself in after Christmas.

Crochet will definately play a big part in 2013.   I love the feel of the yarn and the creative nature of the craft.

So there you have it, just some ways I will continue to be creative and not pressure myself.   I want to have fun with my work, not stress just relax and learn to appreciate my skills once more.


  1. Sounds fabulous Sue.
    I have my plans for next year roughly sorted out, at least the first part of the year is.
    I do hope you continue to blog though. I just love reading your posts

  2. Hi Sue
    Just a question about Project Life,,,,does it end up costing alot to do a weekly set of pages like you do? I had a look at their website but couldn't seem to get the links for Australia to work.
    I adore your scrapbooking and think it is a great idea as weeks go by here where the camera doesn't get used,,,,so sad really!
    I hope you do come back to blogging :)
    Cheers,,,have a wonderful Christmas

  3. Hi Colleen, thanks for stopping by. Project Life doesn't have to be expensive. You can't buy the product in Australia at the moment, the supplier is Craft House in NZ. I have never bought the kits, I only buy the page protectors and use my own stash. There are hundreds of free printable cards etc online and that's what I use also. If you don't have a scrapbooking stash like I do then perhaps one of the kits would be beneficial to begin Project Life. This way of scrapbooking makes you take more photos and it can be as simple as you want it to be.

  4. I always enjoy what you put on your blog Sue.

  5. I will miss your Project Life pages.

  6. Goodness I never thought about planning what craft projects you will do for the year, great idea!

    I hope you don't give up your blog Sue. Although I don't often comment I always love looking at what you've been making. Such a talented gal :)

  7. Thanks Lisa :) I'm the same with yours, I love reading it.

  8. hi Sue,
    hope you have a great 2013 creating and sharing how you like, I know how you feel about the project life and sharing. I write and create differently if I know someone will see it.
    I also like coming to your site and hope it continues. I like seeing what you are doing in your life and what you are creating etc. have fun though.

    I quit my blog because it was obviously of no interest to anyone else but me.


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