Monday, November 5, 2012


I really wish we had a store down here.   While in Adelaide last week for Lachie's cricket I had to visit a Typo store, here's what I got (minus the Ezy Carve from an art store).
All this cost me $13.50, they had some great sales on that day.

Here's what I've just finished for my market stall on Sunday.
I found these coins at the Daylesford market in September and was so happy.   A lady I know was talking about 1 & 2 cent rings months ago that she had seen online somewhere and from that moment I knew I wanted to make some.

FYI:  If you expect to pay what is on the coin for obsolete currency you may be suprised. Let's just say that the man I bought these from made a tidy little profit.


  1. I think you got a good deal at that store Sue, by the looks of it!!

  2. Nice buying Sue. I'm glad you have a good time.
    I'm so glad you are still blogging, I love reading about what you are up to and was a bit disappointed when I read your 'goodby' post. A bit selfish of me I know.


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