Wednesday, August 15, 2012


4 pages were made this week as I went along as the parent help on an all day excursion with Lachie's class.   Once again I find myself behind but I've made sure I am still taking photos and jotting down little details that I want to journal.

WEEK 31 - left page

LEFT PAGE - close ups
I'm trying to change around the way I do the weekly title cards. For a while I've been thinking that I don't really want to use the Week 31 etc anymore as the main feature and put more focus on the dates instead. I decided to change them around a little each week so it isn't so obvious.

I really like the way the yarn bombing card turned out, I think I'll use this style a little more.

Lachie's school excursion

Excursion and a very cold me.

WEEK 31 - right page

RIGHT PAGE - close ups
Sophie held a snake at the science fair, she really didn't like it.

I had a go at a juicing detox.

We had some girly time with wool.

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  1. Lovely pages Sue, I love that they're so colourful and bright :)


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