Thursday, August 23, 2012


The amount of fabric I own is obscene, seriously, I tidied up today and even culled a big pile to Sophie's sewing and I still have a crazy amount.

This is just the fat quarters and 1/2 metre to 2 metres on the mini bolts.

The boxes hold vintage fabrics, backings and wadding.

Then I have 2 big tubs full of scraps.  I few years ago I went on a very successful fabric diet and used up quite a bit of fabric.   I am now placing myself on another diet until my stash gets down to a reasonable amount.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I do have a fabric pre-order coming this month that I can't cancel so there will be a bit more added to the stash :) 


  1. Oh wow! I can totally relate!!! I am on a fabric folding spree only to make space for the 4 Priority envelopes coming in later this week! I think I might have to add a room to the house very soon! LOL! Living so far away from the quilting mainland does not deter me from buying any more fabric!!!

  2. I think you need to go to Fabric Hoarders Anonymous! Lol!

  3. Me too!!!! :)

    I miss time to sew.... :-P



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