Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I woke inspired to make a new quilt with some of my growing collection of vintage fabrics.

These are the fabrics I picked out and I knew I wanted to make hst (half square triangles) out of them but.................

now I've hit a snag and would love some opinions on which of the 3 following patterns you like the most.

I'm leaning towards pattern 1 only because I intend to do something special as a border (lets just say it involves crochet) and I think it might work better.

pattern 1

pattern 2

pattern 3

If only I have enough fabric in these colours to make 3 quilts, sigh.........


  1. I like pattern 2 - not sure why, my eye was just drawn to it

  2. I have left a comment on your Flickr photo. How large are your HSTs?

  3. thanks Linda. One completed square measures 5"

  4. now that I can see them right next to each other I might like pattern 1 best


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