Sunday, July 22, 2012


As some of you know, I teach quilting @ our local patchwork store. I used to work in the store as well but gave that up due to other commitments.

I was asked to work in the store on Saturday morning to which I gladly accepted, but the con of working in the middle of all that yummy fabric is that I can't not buy any.

from the bottom:
Orange pin dot
Orange dot - Kaffe Fassett
Freshcut - Heather Bailey (6)
Meadowsweet - Sandy Henderson (4)

So working in the front of the shop really isn't very good to my "no fabric buying for 6 months" program I am on.  LOL


  1. I can imagine what a temptation it must be ... I have always loved stationery and love finding new gadgets and stuff to use in the office. It's a real fetish!


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