Thursday, July 26, 2012

IF YOU THINK..........

....that I've been slacking off on the crafting front this week, think again.

All of my time and energy has gone into one special little girl's dance album.

You see Sophie's dance album started as a 6" x 8" mini album but as I hadn't touched it for a couple of years, I realised that it was never going to be finished with this method.

After starting Project Life this year, it dawned on me that I could use this method for any album and most importantly, get it done quickly. I have thousands of dance photos and considering that I only get to watch her dance 4 times a year, that is quite an impressive amount.

I began.......

First of all I needed a plan, you see all of the pages I had already done in the 6" x 8" format were too pretty and too stuck down to take apart.  I was then going to start the new album by re-printing all of the photos again and just keep the incomplete small album as is.   I slept on it and in the morning decided to use these pretty pages in the bigger album.

My first job was to find some 8" x 8" page protectors that I could cut down to the page size. Well that wasn't as easy as I had hoped in this town.   I ended up buying a couple of cheap albums for $5 each and taking them apart for the page protectors.

After cutting the protectors to size I used lots of washi tape to stick them up again.   I then realised that the pre-made holes didn't fit the bigger album, so armed with more washi, a punch and hammer I re-punched the holes.

With that job complete, it was time to spend countless hours at the computer to find and edit photos, I still have 2012 to go, that's a job for the weekend.   I also had to find concert tickets and playbills and exam results and certificates.

It was only today that I got to sit the photos in the album so I will probably spend the next week prettying it up and journaling. Whew!!!!!!

After Sophie's album, it's on to the both boys cricket and football albums, once again done in the 6" x 8" format.

Am I a glutten for punishment or what?

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