Friday, March 16, 2012


Here are some of my thoughts on Project Life.

I never thought I would scrap this way: While I admired PL, I didn't think it fitted into my way of scrapbooking. You see I love arty, funky scrapbooking, leaning more towards art journaling than traditional scrapping.

I think this is all I want to do now: PL has really got me hooked, it's getting those photos printed that before would sit on my computer until I got around to doing a layout.

I'm taking more photos: And not just of events, PL forces me to be more creative with photography. It's a learning curve but I like a challenge.

It does take up more time than I expected: These double pages do take a long time but I hope to get quicker and trust in my choices then I hope they will fall into place a little easier.

I'm using up all of those supplies: You know the ones, they have been sitting around forever. The only things I bought specifically for this project was a bulk box of pages protectors and a box of grid journaling cards.

I didn't think I would be able to keep up to date: I'm really suprising myself here and when it gets too hard, I'll just think of how great it will be to have a weekly record kept for the whole year.

I need to remember which orientation to take my photos: This is proving to be a challenge as what way I take them determines what page protector I use.

PL is creatively satisfying: I'm journaling so much more and writing down and remembering the little things. I could make my pages a little more arty, but at the moment don't feel the need to.

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