Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I had some tumbler blocks left over from a quilt, I pulled them out yesterday and made a bag.

It has a zip closure and pockets in the lining. I was going to sell it at my market stall next month, but am really liking it and just may keep it for myself.


  1. it sure is a cool bag Sue, now wonder you want to keep it!

  2. How cute is that??? I love that bag. Really nice. I've always been kinda skeered to make bags. I've made a few here and there and I always end up nit picking on them. This is so pretty. :)

    ps. Not sure if I wrote you back yet about my pug. His name is Mikey. I didn't name him. We got him last year through the pug rescue of Florida. He's 7. I was a foster for the pug rescue. I'm taking a break right now. lol Its alot of work being a foster pug mom. With Mikey I didn't want him to go, so I adopted him.


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