Thursday, January 26, 2012


I really don't need another yearly project to do, do I? Project Life is something I admired last year but didn't want to commit to as I thought it might take time away from my other scrapbooking and I wouldn't get any layouts done. Turns out I didn't really do any scrapbooking last year anyway so I've decided to give Project Life a go this year, at least there will be some sort of record of our year. I also thought it may be a waste as I write 2 blogs and get them printed but blogging doesn't satisfy my crafting needs, Project Life does. So it turns out this is something I need to do and I know I'll have fun doing it, it doesn't have to be anything fancy, just some photos and journaling.

I already have some great photo pocket pages lying around so I've started using them while I wait for my multi pack of different ones to arrive. I am not buying the Project Life packs as I have heaps of supplies I can use in my van and I'm making a double layout for each week of the year. I struck trouble with week 2 as I hadn't taken many photos, but that's okay, that's what patterned paper and other bits and pieces are for. I am using my vintage typewriter to journal with and will add my own handwriting throughout the project.

Sorry about the quality of the layouts, it's really hard to photograph them well through plastic.

::Week 1 Double Layout::

::Page By Page and Close Ups::

::Week 2 Double Layout::

::Page By Page and Close Ups::

It will be great to catch up, hopefully I will complete weeks 3 and 4 early next week as we are heading off tomorrow morning to try out our new (1978) camper van.


  1. Hi Sue
    Take my hat off to you doing another project. Looks like you are going to have some great memories to look back on.

  2. Nice :-) I like the idea of Project Life too, but I know I'd never keep it up!! Looking forward to seeing how you record your year.

  3. A great project to do! wonderful start to the new year. Loved seeing your pages.

  4. I agree - those pesky pages are so hard to photograph! Yay for Project Life :) Hehe.
    Loving your pages and how gorgeous is your crochet pillow!!

  5. Hey Sue. That's a great goal, even if it doesn't last the whole year through. Sometimes just getting back to creating is incentive enough to keep you going though, and it'll be a GREAT thing to have at the end of the year.


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